Introduction of Electric Rectifier "Zero Ziba-kun 369"

What is Zero Ziba-kun 369?

An Innovative Power Strip Condensed All Know-how of Undulation Adjustment Technology

Price: 387,450 Yen (with tax) Size: 100mm×50mm×380mm Single-phase 100V

  • As an AC power source which brings out maximum potential of connected appliance, it changes the energy
  • A device which changes negative undulation from electronic power company into biophoton (electricity gentle to living body)
  • Currently over 30% of Japanese electricity (Tokyo Electric Company 45%, Kansai Electric Power Corporation 53%, Kyusu Electric Power Corporation 52%) is supplied from nuclear power station. This innovative device converts rough undulation from the power source into gentle undulation for body.

Use Power Strip for Following Appliances
Appliance Features
· Audio appliance
· PA appliance
· Recording appliance
· Amplifier for instrument
· Visual appliance
· Home appliance
· Dramatic enhancement of dynamic range
· Improvement of low frequency and high frequency
· Whelming clear sound
· Improved SN characteristic
· Sound image localization and improved separation
· Improved original sound play back
· Reducing electromagnetism from appliances

Other Ways to Use

  • For eyestrain cased by PC
  • Charging mobile phone
  • Hair dryer
  • For Hemi-Sync
  • For farming, stockbreeding and broiler

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News for the Customer Who are Interested in Zero Ziba-kun 369

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Note: Because of shipment issue, we only limit the monitor in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba and Saitama.

Structure of Zero Ziba-kun 369

Customersf Comment

Although I have purchased various audio equipment and amplifiers, I feel that if I have only this, I do not need other equipment.

I could cook rice delicious. If I watch TV for many hours, I normally feel pain in my eyes and head due to the influence of electromagnetism. With this, the picture and sound of TV are clearer and I do not feel fatigue.

Since picture on TV became three-dimensional, I was impressed when I could see sub-title which I could not have seen before. I could also listen music not from ears but from heart chakra.

I felt DVD on TV like a movie in theater.

Before, I felt strains on my eyes after working on PC for a day. Now, I do not feel.

Light from light became gentle. Normally, hot air from drier was itching. But now, I feel it gentle and refreshing, like a minus ion drier !

Sound from CD filled my heart and made me teary-eyed. I can hear sounds which I could not have recognized before. It is great!

By charging mobile with this device, electromagnetism typically cased by mobile phone was reduced.

Food in refrigerator lasts a long time.

There is no stress while I am listening CDs from Monroe Institute. I could experience out of body.


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