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Company Name The Institute of Cosmic Energy K.K.
(Old Name: The Institute of Geo Field Energy)
The Head Mikio Mizushima
Address 2-4-30A Goban- chou Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0076 Japan
Map (Japanese)
TEL (03)3263 - 7369
FAX (03)3263 - 7370

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  • Ley Line (Geo Field) Correction of land and building
  • Construction of artificial power spot
  • Use of ceramic water activation module "Kangen" and its installation
  • About farming method
  • Questions regarding various products

Introduction of Staff

The Head: Mikio Mizushima

I have been doing the R&D of farming method for 25 years. I consulted many farms, golf course and foot ball grounds with using soil improvement material "Iouso" and ceramic water activation module "Kangen." Through the consulting, I found there is a land good for crops and bad for crops. The cause of the difference was the difference of land energy. Then, I thought improving land energy would improve yield of crops and conducted research on the subject for 10 years. I extended this energy application to support companies and people to make everyone prosperous and healthy.
Technical Advisor: Kazumasa Horio

Since Mizushima was in printing business, I have been supporting his work.

When customers are delighted or moved, I feel the happiest. Particularly, after Ley Line (Geo Field) correction or attaching water activation module, I am motivated by hearing that customersf physical condition or luck was improved.
Sales Manager: Motoo Sawai

Since I was born with a weak constitution, I have been very careful about my health.

To change my constitution, I thought I would need to drink good water which would form 70% of my body. After searching such water, the chairman of environment division in the Institute of Professional Engineers introduced me to Mizushima who created "Kangen " water.

I actually went to a hospital which had installed water activation module "Kangen." After hearing from a head of nurse about how patients cured their illness, I felt certain that this was the water which I was looking for. After installing the module, I became much healthier.

After visiting Mizushima to ask about water, good energy and how to apply energy to different problems, I thought the work of Mizushima would support to make the Japan and the world better place for next generations. Therefore, I joined this company to support him.


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