Introduction of Ceramic Water Activation Module "Kangen"

About Kangen

Certified by MLT(Japan Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) No. 177
Certified by Japan MLT Housing Bureau No. 177-2
Certified by the Building Center of Japan - supply and drain water No. 167

Our institute has been trying to grow good crops without using pesticides. This is our proposition over 30 years. As a necessary condition to make good soil, we found that soil needs to contain 65% of good water. Then, we started to try how to make good water.

After many trials, we found that we needed to apply natural water circulation system to tap water. Good water for crops means water has good undulation as natural water. After working with authorities of water and undulation, we created "Kangen."

To convert tap water into natural water with good undulation, we scientifically researched the process of natural spring.

After many trials, we created a mechanism by which a stainless steel spring and water current create crash and cause friction of ceramic and create static electricity. By repeating subtle electrification and electric discharge, water is ionized and the water cluster becomes small. This process makes water easily dissolved and absorbed.

Furthermore, we conducted research on "miracle water" or "mysterious water" which has been a subject of faith from ancient period as it is represented by spring at Bungui Pass, zero magnetic field, in Hase village, Nagano Prefecture.

(Zero magnetic field is where North Pole of magnet and South Pole of magnet are canceled out by the massive movement energy of the earth's crust.)

As the result, by using a lotus root like energy plate, we created "water for life" which harmonizes with living organism based on zero magnetic theory.

Features of "Kangen" Water

Small Water Cluster, Easily Dissolved and Absorbed

Since water cluster is small, the water is absorbed by rice and the rice becomes delicious and fluffy. With dissolving and absorbing ability, the water draws out the original taste of food.

Reduce Odor of Chlorine

By passing through "Kangen", the connection between chlorine and metallic ion is disconnected. Further, Kangen emits electrons and stabilizes chlorine as chlorine ion and reduces the smell like chlorine in tap water. (The smell like chlorine is caused by the connection between free chlorine and metal ion.)

Mild Alkali

Ceramic is made from tourmaline, Iouseki, minus ion ball and catalyst ball. This ceramic makes palatable mild alkali water from tap water. (Since hydroxide ion concentration will increase, PH will increase.) Note: PH= hydroxide ion density.

Rare Mineral Effect and Minus Ion Effect

Ceramics in Kangen emit far-infrared radiation. And, with rate mineral effect, the water becomes like a spa. With using shower, minus ion is generated. And you can relax.

Strong Deodorization and Cleansing Effect

Small water cluster surrounds the agent of smell and restricts the diffusion of the agent. The water with small cluster can penetrate the interspaces where normal tap water cannot reach. And it cleanses molds and stains. Since the water has strong dissolving power, you can also clean oil stains.

Hygienic and Economical

Since "Kangen" is a built-in system attached at water meter, it has less risk than water cleaner with filter to grow miscellaneous germs. And since there is no need to change filter, it is economical.

Installed Any Place such as House, Apartment and Facility

Since this module is a built-in system, the water can be used for drinking water, cooking & washing and bathing & shower.

Product Lineup

Features of Product

  • Since this module is built-in system, it can be used at house, apartment, hospital, commercial facility, farmland, stockbreeding facility and factory.
  • Maintenance free
  • It takes only 2 hours to install
  • Our staff visits for installation

Type: SW-60
(House, Apartment
Size: 104×384mm
This type is put on the kitchen and easily installed.
Type: SW-390
(House, Apartment)
Size: 20×89×390mm
Type: SW-590
Size: 30×114×590mm
Type: SW-790
Size: 50×165×790mm

Price List
Type  Size  Price (with tax)  Installation Cost
SW-60 104×384mm  210,000 Yen Installed by customer
SW-390 20×89×390mm
 378,000 Yen On the groundF 30,000 Yen
On the concrete or tileF 50,000 Yen
SW-590 32×114×590mm  1,260,000 Yen  Estimated separately
SW-690 40×137×690mm  2,520,000 Yen  Estimated separately
SW-790 50×165×790m  3,780,000 Yen  Estimated separately

Please consult our institute by e-mail or telephone about the use of Kangen and installation.

Inside of Kangen

The body Consists of Lotus Root Shape Energy Plate, which Creates High Undulation, and Four Different Ceramic Balls

  • Two lotus root shape energy plates at the inlet and outlet and four ceramic balls crash and cause friction by a stainless steel spring and water current. All of them start to resonate.
  • Ceramic is not an absorption type. A coat on the surface prevents water stain on the ball shape surface.
  • Since all activation effects are generated by catalyst effect of ceramics, they do not wear off. And the module is maintenance free.

1: Lotus Root Shape Energy Plate

Ceramic includes about 120 different kinds of enzymes, grains and sap as well as ore such as germanium, Iouseki, tourmaline and radium. To maximize the energy and to draw out 100% performance, the positions inside the activation module are carefully adjusted to create resonation.

2: Four Kinds of Ceramic Balls

We particularly selected four ceramics (Iouseki, minus ion ball, catalyst ball and tourmaline) to balance and vitalize human body. These ceramics create water which is close to body water and vital for human.

A Iouseki
Reduce deoxidization electric potential and adjust mineral balance.
B Minus Ion Ball
Minus ion ball is made of radium ore from Tamagawa Spring and Hutamata Radium by firing it. In static condition, it emits minus ion. With reacting with water, it emits massive minus ion.
C Catalyst Ball
Catalyst ball has photocatalyst function. Even under the dark condition, it reacts to electromagnetic wave and works as catalyst. It also has oxidizable, deoxidizable and antibacterial functions.
D Tourmaline
Tourmaline is a magnetic iron ore. It decomposes water by electrolysis, makes water alkali, activates water surface and makes water cluster small.

Performance of "Kangen" Water

Water Quality Test

Japan Food Research Laboratories conducted water quality test in October 1, 1997.

Tap water was put through Kangen 5 litter/minute. After putting through 10 minutes, a sample was taken. As a contrast sample, tap water was put through a hose which was in double lengths of the hose used to put through Kangen.

Extracted only related to Trihalomethane from 46 items tested (Unit: mg)
Item Tap Water (Tama, Tokyo) "Kangen" Water
Total Trihalomethane 0.047mg/L 0.039mg/L
Chloroform 0.034mg/L 0.028mg/L
Bromodichloromethane 0.011mg/L 0.009mg/L
Chlorodibromomethane 0.002mg/L 0.002mg/L
Bromoform Not detected Not detected

MRA Undulation Measurement

Using nuclear magnetic resonator, this method measures the frequency of human body in normal condition and the match with object by categorizing the range from max:+21 to min:-21.

MRA Undulation Measurement Reference Value(Ideally +16)
Range Interpretation (Human) Interpretation (Object)
+16 to +21 Healthy Be able to cure illness
+11 to +15 Easily get sick Normal or good for health
+6 to +10 Already sick Not good for the body
0 to +5 Serious illness is in progress Harmful to the body
Below -1 Be dead in any time Cause illness

Test Result
Item Tap Water "Kangen" Water
Immunity -4 {21
Stress -5 {21
Depression -3 {20
Allergy -7 {17
Skin -6 {19
Mineral balance 0 {21

Rust in Water Supply Pipe

After five month of installation, rust in the whole water supply pipe became thin.


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