Steps to Create Ai Eco Farm in Tochigi Prefecture!

Objectives of Ai Eco Farm

Simple Farming Method Everyone Can Do !

Current Japanese farmers are suffering from low income, successor problem due to the heavy work and increasing abandoned farmland. Self-sustenance ratio of foods in Japan is decreasing, and we depend on the imported foods from abroad. Our institute tries to develop firming method which is safe, makes crops tasty, nutritious and is easy to grow healthy crops by ourselves. We built Ai Eco Farm at Tochigi Prefecture in May 2, 2009 to show our pilot farm.

Date started to build May 2, 2009
location Sakura City, Tochigi Prefecture
Size 1320 square meters
Support Non-profit Organization:
International Environment Cooperation Organizations

  • Organic
  • Simple farming method also for amateurs and office workers
  • Nutritious vegetables (like ginseng)

Following Steps are Taken to Create Such a Farmland !

  • Cleanse farmland: Ley Line (Geo Field) correction
  • Take cosmic energy into farmland: Check Five Elements
  • By examining soil, assess excess fertilizer and lack of rare minerals

(Excess fertilizer may increase soil nitrate nitrogen. If crops take nitrate nitrogen, it is converted into nitrous acid nitrogen in the human body. The nitrous acid nitrogen is connected with amino acid, and may create nitrosamine which may cause cancer. )

Soil Improvement Materials

After Completing Diagnostics of Soil, We Decide to Use Following Materials

Materials for Farming
Iouso 8 bags
Grace (Onchou) water 2 litters
Kangen water 1000 litters
Germanium ore 10 kg
Photosynthesis bacterium (over 8 types) 2 litters

Materials for Ley Line (Geo Field) Correction
Earth puncture 4 rods
Miroku bamboo charcoal 3 bags
Miroku salt 2 kg
Energy Plate Kizui (Large) 6 plates

Ley Line Correction of Land

Improve Electric Conductance of Land! Deoxidize Acid Soil

Bury earth punctures at four corners and improve electric conductance of land.

Place six plates of Energy Plate Kizui (Large).
Cleanse farmland with sake and salt as a ceremony. Bury bamboo charcoal to deoxidize soil. Place another energy plate made of ceramic and use this energy as catalyst to cleanse the land.

Sprinkle Iouso (160kg)

Iouso is grinded mineral ore mined in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture. It improves soil with rare minerals, supplies soluble silicate and increases molar ratio.

Germanium Ore (10kg)

Germanium ore is inorganic germanium. And it vitalizes land and improves content of germanium of crops to make nutritious vegetables.

Mixed by Rotary

Spray Diluted Solution (1ton)

Oncho water (2 litters) and photosynthesis bacterium are diluted 500 times by Kangen water.

Kangen water is activated water by Water Activation Module Kangen from well water.
Grace (Onchou) water is activated water by cosmic energy.
Over eight types of photosynthesis bacterium are cultured specifically for this land. They help grow good microorganism in the soil.

After Completion

What is this light?

Planting & Seeding

Planted: egg plant, sweet potato, broccoli
Seeded: green soybeans


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