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I-san (Woman)

"Woom..., What is this?..." I became numb and feel itchy (particularly right leg). However, I was certain that I had been cured. Still I remember an incidence three years ago. I slipped and fell from the 7th step of stairs in a department store. I thought I was recovered by going hospital. But, body does not lie. I was not totally cured. As I tried first time, second time, I felt the condition of my right leg was getting better.

S-san (Man)

After lying on the bed, I gradually felt delighting warmth all over my back. I was lying for 45 minutes. I could relax without any unpleasant sensation. Later, back muscle, particularly around shoulder blade was relaxing. Tension and stress in my body were released. I could meditate without making distracting thoughts. After finishing the treatment, my heavy feeling in my head disappeared and everything thing felt clear. I once tried another type of bedrock bath made by another company, it was really different experience. I want to try once again.

Six days after trial, I could spend daily life every happy. It was great bed. Thanks!

Man (Age: 44, Dentist)

After lying on the bed, warmth came from heater. Immediately, center of palms and bottom of feet started strongly react. After a few minutes, kundalini energy at tailbone (First Chakra) started to go up and down spirally in SuShumna. Although kundalini energy did not come out from Crown Chakra, I felt I might become fainted and tried to control the energy. After that, I felt my body started to rotate. It was as if just before I experienced out of body. It took only 45 minutes up to this stage. Obviously, flow in SuShumna became smooth and I felt all Chakras were opening.

(According to Wikipedia, Kundalini is in Sanskrit, literally "coiled". In Indian yoga, a "corporeal energy" - an unconscious, instinctive or libidinal force or Shakti, envisioned either as a goddess or else as a sleeping serpent coiled at the base of the spine, hence a number of English renderings of the term such as 'serpent power'. )

(According to Wikipedia, Sushumna Nadi (pipe) connects the base chakra to the crown chakra. It is very important in Yoga and Tantra in general. Alternative medicine also refers to Sushumna sometimes. )

Man (Age: 44, Chiropractor)

Once I cured right side of neck, left side of neck started to hurt. Then, after it was cured, I felt pain on my right arm. In July, while I was suffering from whiplash, I got a phone call from Mr. M, one of my best friends over thirty years who is also chiropractor. He talked about Zero Magnetic Bed. Since we went together to Hase Village in Nagano (A famous zero magnetic power field in Japan.) a couple years ago. I did not understand why he was still talking about Zero Magnetic Energy.

As I was listening to his talk, I found the company making Zero Magnetic Bed was the company which provided a module for Myousui Spring in Hase Village. I could still vividly remember about the experience in the spring, and once searched which company was making the module. Then, I got interested in the bed. According to him, whiplash could be cured by lying on the bed. If whiplash is cured only by lying on a bed, we will be out of business!

Another chiropractor in Yokohama owns the bed. I visited that chiropractor and tried Zero Magnetic Bed. Then, I could get rid of pain. Next day, a pain got back a little bit. So, I visited Institute of Cosmic Energy for a second trial. At the office, Mr. Mizushima and Mr. Sawai explained the bed, but I was more concentrated on lying on the bed and cure my pain on right arm. After laying on the bed, my arm felt much better.


Next day, my arm was completely cured. My friend and I did not hesitate to decide to purchase Zero Magnetic Bed. My wife is ex-doctor in Brazil. I thought it would be difficult to convince my wife since, as professional, she does not believe which is not scientific. Fortunately, she observed the process of my arm was cured, and my clinic is located in Yotuya, close to Institute of Cosmic Energy, I recommended her to try. Although, she kept saying she was not convinced, she could cure her injury by lying on the bed two times.

A Customer at Healing Salon Wonderful Awake (Age: 20, Man)

Link to Healing Salon Wonderful Awake in Matsudo City, Chiba

I felt energy just after lying on the bed. "What is this Feeling!?" With surprise, very fine vibration came out from center of my body and expanded to whole body. Although it was only 15 minutes experience, I could heal my mind as well as body.


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