Miroku Series for Field Cleansing

Miroku Salt (Pink)

Put High Undulation into 38 Thousand Years Old

Himalayan Rock Salt

Price: 4,200 Yen (with tax)

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Material: Himalayan rock salt

Content: 1kg

Heighten the undulation of Himalayan rock salt which is created through 38 thousand years of time. Since this salt has very high cleansing ability, it is good for salt prime at the entrance of restaurants, and field cleansing. By adding into bath water, it becomes cleaning bath. Also it is good as an amulet.

Great Deoxidization Effect

According to the measurement by Oxidation-reduction Potential (ORP) tester, tap water in 500 - 700 mv immediately becomes minus value! It means it able to remove free radicals.

Like a Natural Hot Spring

This pink salt includes all hot spring ingredients such as sulfur, alkali ion and salt.

By combing these synergy effect, salt reduces stress and irritation as well as promotes metabolism which supports discharge of body wastes and toxics.

Surprising Cleansing Effect

Since this salt absorbs strong evils, it is good for salt prime at the entrance of restaurant, office, esthetic salon, healing space etc.

Energy Plate Kizui

Basic Technology of Institute of Cosmic Energy, Energy Plate Kizui

Product Size  Price On-line Shop
Kizui (Small)
2 plates
With porch
5cm×1cm  63,000 Yen (with tax)  
 Kizui (Middle) 7.4cm×2cm  63,000 Yen (with tax)  
Kizui (Large) 10.7cm×2cm  157,500 Yen (with tax)  

Oversea Customers: Please inquire by e-mail or Fax regarding this product.

Material: High undulation ceramic (blended with rare metals)

The energy of Kizui is similar to the Zero Magnetic Energy at Hase Village in Nagano Prefecture, a world famous power spot.

Note: Kizui means a mysterious phenomenon happened before something good happens.

Kizui activates mind and body, removes evils, improves a situation and initiates a chain reaction of healing and happiness.

In addition to standard version, there is a professional version with high power which will be used by healers. Please inquire.

A Mechanism to Receive Maximum Cosmic Power

  • Materialize cosmic information
    • Transcribed water which gathered cosmic information
  • Hexagram
    • Shape receiving maximum cosmic power. Upward triangle is sky energy. Downward triangle is ground energy
  • Double Circles
    • Double circles in the center of Hexagram represents human. It means harmony among people. By adding double circles, energy is multiplied by ten
  • 9 holes
    • 9 holes are outlet of energy. And they also mean 9 holes on human body

How to Use

  • By putting Kizui on the both right and left palms, after breathing deeply, you relax 3 to 5 minutes. Please repeat this process a few times a day or more
  • It is also possible to bring a particular energy for a wish in the body by creating energy zone with three Kisuis
  • You will find many ways to use like putting in the bath
  • Improve audio sound quality

In Japanese audio magazine,"A&V village No.80 July," Kizui was reported as an object which improves quality of sound.

Maintain Once a Month

Since Kizui absorbs many evils, please maintain Kizui once a month. Use Himalayan rock salt Miroku Salt (Pink) for cleansing.


Original CD with Absolute Tempo 116

Price: 3,000 Yen (with tax)

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By the synergic effect between mysterious music created by the guide from Kannon and Hexagram draw on CD, the CD music brings healing and relaxation, and adjusts space undulation. Together with meditation sheet, listening this music during meditation will help you for the peace of mind. Mr. Shinsuke Takaoka, famous for Absolute Tempo 116, composed this music!

This "Tempo 116" improves all aspects of concentration, inspiration, physical ability and health. It is also good for pets and plants

Tibetan Incense (Sangde)

Incense with Strong Healing Ability Made by the Highest Rank Doctor of Tibetan Medicine

Price: 3,360 Yen (with tax)

Oversea Customers: Please inquire by e-mail or Fax regarding this product.

Ingredient: Natural extracts such as amber and sandalwood

Content: About 24 cm × 30 sticks

To ensure maximum power of native grass from Tibetan Plateau, moon calendar and harvesting methods are also well considered. Incense with strong healing ability made by the highest rank doctor of Tibetan medicine. He cleansed himself for three months before making it, and made it with chanting mantra.

This incense is good for the cleansing of field, unconscious and negative energy and grave, and also for Yoga and meditation to balance your mind.

Miroku Iouso

The Land is Cleansed and Will Change to a Refreshing Energy!

Price: 1,680 Yen (with tax)

Oversea Customers: Please inquire by e-mail or Fax regarding this product.

Ingredient: Natural multi-element porous ore (glauconite, perlite, bister granite, shell fossil )

Content: 2kg

Miroku Iouso is soil improvement material which is always used for Ley Line (Geo Field) Correction.

It is made of natural ores which do not contain impurities and toxic substances. It cleans land and revitalizes and crests harmony.

If you sprinkle Miroku Iouso over the land, the energy of land becomes refreshing. It is also good to cleanse a grave.

Miroku Iouso has high a reputation as organic multi mineral difficult to find. As a natural soil improvement material, this is certified by government.

Miroku Bamboo Charcoal

Miroku bamboo Charcoal is a Bamboo Charcoal with High Electric Conductivity and Good Energy

Price: 4,200 Yen (with tax)
Please inquire by e-mail or Tel for purchase.

Material: Moso bamboo

Content: 30L

Moso bamboo from Tachibana-cho, where it produces the largest volume of bamboo shoot in Japan, is carbonized in high temperature (over 850°C) and smashed. This charcoal has better electric conductivity than other types of charcoal and used many locations for Ley Line (Geo Field) Correction and charcoal sprinkle.

Charcoal Burring: Dioxide land and convert Kegarchi into Iyashirochi
Charcoal Sprinkle: Dehumidification and odor removal of underfloor, toilet and kitchen.


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