Secret Power of Cosmic Energy and Zero Magnetic Field

369 Trinity Bracelet

369 Trinity Bracelet

Supporting to Blossom Your Unique Ability and to Realize Your Mission

Price: 16,800 Yen (with tax) M Size (18cm)

Oversea Customers: Please inquire by e-mail or Fax regarding this product.

369 Trinity Bracelet makes you remember that you are originally connected with universe, and support to blossom your unique ability and to realize your mission

369Trinity Bracelet uses Pink (Rose Quarts) · Blue (Lapis Lazuli) · Green (Malachite) energies as three elements of light in the universe, and creates stability and harmony of mind, body and soul. By transcribing this energy, it supports to blossom our potential ability and resonates with Zero Magnetic Power and Cosmic Energy.

Please use Angel Peach for bracelet cleansing!

What is Trinity?

It is "the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit"

Trinity means "the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit."
Number "3" was esteemed from ancient time as sacred and prosperous number.

The number was also used for words such as three holy durables, the ceremony of the three-times-three exchanges of nuptial cups in Shinto and "Three people can make better ideas" in Japanese, and for the shape of pyramid.

Rose Quarts

Create a circulation of love by unconditional love, healing to the heart, release from trauma, self-love and acceptance. It supports luck in love.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis, which is like universe golden stars are shining, is said to have a power of universe and to radiate strong power. When you need to achieve something, this power supports the accomplishment.


Another name of this stone is Mahamayuri. It cuts evils and improve insight and intuition.

369 Tera- trinity Bracelet

Trinity Bracelet Powered up by Tera-health Ore

(For men) Price: 63,000 Yen (with tax) M Size (20cm)

(For women) Price: 60,900 Yen (with tax) M Size (18cm)

Oversea Customers: Please inquire by e-mail or Fax regarding this product.

High undulation Tera-heath ore is added into 369Trinity Bracelet energy (Rose Quarts, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite). It powerfully heightens the energies of three power stones. This 369 Tera-trinity Bracelet cleanses consciousness and mind & body, and empowers to build creating and reassuring life.


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