Zero Magnetic Bed: Bedrock Bath Without Sweating

About Zero Magnetic Bed

Power Spot is in Your Home!!

Our institute has been researching Ley Line (Geo Field) Correction and Zero Magnetic Field over 10 years. Based on this technology, we created bedrock bath bed which creates Zero Magnetic Field and improves the health of human body.

PriceF1,680,000 Yen (with tax)

Oversea Customers: Please inquire by e-mail or Fax regarding this product.

Sleep only about 20 minutes

With warm energy plates and energy tiles, you feel as if you are lying on a warm, refreshing natural power spot. Unlike sauna or normal bedrock bath, the detoxification effect is not based on perspiration which puts a burden on the body. With Zero Magnetic Bed, you can detoxify without sweating.

Like Qigong therapy, Zero Magnetic Bed heals body & mind, improves natural healing ability and immunity, and remove negative energy in the body.

It does not put any burden on the body. You do not need to change cloth or to take shower.

A person with a weak constitution, children, pregnant women, elder persons can safely use this bed.

Zero Magnetic Bed Trial

Notice! Customers Who Want to Try Zero Magnetic Bed!!

Include our institute, we provide information where you can try Zero Magnetic Bed. Please ask us!

Not only for the customer who wants to use at home, also for the owners of esthetic salon or clinics (Qigong, acupuncture etc.) who want to use as a part of treatment, please once try this bed.

Theory of Zero Magnetic Field

Lianhuashan in Hubei, China, is a miracle spot where sick person is cured just by visiting there. According to the person who visited the spot, he felt as if a therapist was sending Qigong.

In July 1991, Bungui Pass in Hase Village, Nagano Prefecture, was found as a power spot like Lianhuashan. The spot was also broadcasted on TV and became a famous world power spot.

At Hase Village, stratumta from the Pacific and the Japan Sea crash and balance (median tectonic line). And magnetism cancels out each other. Then, Zero Magnetic Field and Qigong are generated.

"Home of Qigong: Irinoya"South Alps Life Long Study Center, which is located at the foot of zero magnetic field: Bungui Pass, has meditation room which used our Ley Line (Geo Field) correction technology to create an artificial zero magnetic field. (See Case at Home of Qigong for more details.)

"Zero Magnetic Bed," innovative bedrock bath bed, is created by applying energy plate which was a key technology to create meditation room.

Overview of Hase Village

A Crashing Fault Surface

Structure of Bed

Paulownia wood is used for bed frame. This wood has far-infrared ray effect, preservation effect, protection against insects and humidity control effect. Also the bed looks gorgeous.

Feature1: Energy Plate

Energy Plate
Material: Transitional complex elementary ceramic
Qigong energy

With water undulation transcription technology and a unique thermal treatment technology, we succeeded to transcribe Qigong energy and zero magnetic field energy into ceramic. This ceramic maintains stable energy condition permanently without being influenced by other negative energies.

Shape energy

Hexagram designed on ceramic consists from two triangles :
Upward triangle () is sky energy.
Downward triangle () is ground energy.

Also, double circle in the center () is harmony among people.

9 holes are outlet of energy.

Kilrian photo of energy plate
Strong energy from energy plate appears as white corona.

Feature2: Energy Tile

Energy tile
Material: Selenium, Germanium, Rare earth, Iouseki, Tourmaline
Hormesis Effect

Little radon creates hormesis effect like a hot spring.

Far-infrared ray and minus ion

Natural ores are smoothing blood flow.

Ptomoting following effects:
· Surface activation effect by minus ion
· Resonance by far-infrared ray

Performance of Bed

ALT Undulation Measurement

ALT undulation measurement apparatus is used to measure undulation of energy plate.
(MMC K.K. conducted this test in December 1, 2005)

Summary by Measurer

The object maintained relatively balanced measured values in room temperature. When heated to 40 degrees centigrade, the values were increased by 3-5 points overall. It was striking that the object held values to high standard while maintaining a good balance. The object was expected to activate vitality.

ALT Undulation Measurement Reference Value(Ideally +16)
Range General Description
+18 to +20 Very high energy value.
+14 to +17 Good energy value. Very good if it is food.
+7 to +13 Normal energy value. Healthy if it is human. Normal value of food or medicine.
+0 to +6 Relatively weak energy condition. May feel ill if it is human. Will not provide energy support if it is food or medicine.
0 Base value.

The Result of Energy Plate Test


Measured Item

Value Measured


Code No. Room Temp. 40°C
1 Immunity 2BD6 +16 +19
2 Stress 378E +15 +19
3 Liver 33D9 +16 +19
4 Heart 336E +13 +18
5 Lung 36AC +13 +17
6 Kidney 35EA +14 +19
7 Stomach 338F +14 +18
8 Fatigue 35FF +15 +19
9 Anti-depression 3623 +15 +18
10 Malignant tumor (Cancer) 3E07 +16 +19
11 Autonomous Nervous 30F8 +15 +18
12 Blood Circulation 3CB7 +14 +19
13 Hormon Balance 325F +13 +17
14 Mineral Balance 4275 +13 +17
15 Excess Acidity 38BB +14 +17

Test Result PDF File. (Japanese)


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