Summarized frequent questions about "Kangen" in Q&A

  • Is Kangen safe for any person?
  • All parts are made from natural materials. No chemicals or chemical fibers are used.

  • Is it possible to install in an apartment?
  • Installation itself does not have any problem. If a room is rented, you may need to agree with owner to bring back an original condition when you move out.

  • How long is the product life of Kangen?
  • 20 years.

  • Do I need frequent parts maintenance?
  • For home use, there is no need.

  • Is it possible to uninstall when I move out?
  • It takes about one hour to uninstall if the module is on the ground.
    It takes about two hours if the module is underground.

  • Can Kangen be used for groundwater?
  • It is possible. However, depending on the water quality, filer may be required.

  • If building is large, can I use the module?
  • Depending on the size of building and whether it has a water tank or not, a proper module type will be selected.

  • If facility is separated to several buildings, what I can do?
  • We recommend after checking the site.

  • How about aftercare?
  • We call to customers time to time and check the condition.


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