Ley Line (Geo Field) is Consisting from Water, Soil and Geomagnetism

Earth and Ley Line (Geo Field)

Nature on the earth obtains vital energy from sun & moon, Five Elements: Wu Xing (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water), air and wind. However, it is invisible.

Human can see only 1% of material and non-material in the universe. We are being alive by invisible energy.

We categorized three elements which are important earth energies to sustain our life.

Sky Energy: Water
The earth, called "planet of water", has vast amount of water in the sea, river and lake as well as under the land and in the air.

However, environmental pollution deteriorates water quality and destroys the balance of eco system.

The water we drink and use every day must have good water quality.

Ground Energy: Soil
The ground which provides various crops is originally rich soil.

The soil which produces crops generating source of life requires rich energy.

Underground Energy: Geomagnetism
The earth itself is a huge magnet which creates magnetic field from South Pole to North Pole.
Including human, all living on the earth receives Geo Field Energy in nature and maintains own life. The surface of the earth is covered by a line of magnetic force. And the force mitigates harmful solar wind. This indispensable energy for all living is perceived by microorganisms and animals. It helps them sense a direction on the earth.
Influence from Underground
Under the land where we have daily life and business life, there are water veins, fault veins and cracks. They sometimes emit waves or radiation which may be harmful for human, animals and plants.

In Europe, influence of geological deformation to human living is called "geopathic stress". And research and publication have been conducted for long time.
Particularly, In Japan, which suffered many earthquakes, is surrounded by sea and has many rains, there are many fault veins and cracks. It is easy to imagine that falling water on the ground goes to underground and becomes water veins and causes negative influence.

Underground noise generators such as water veins, fault veins, cracks on the ground and caves have a unique vibration. Each vibration and its strength differently influence human, animals and plants by putting some negative load.

Ancient People Knew ?!
Ancient Japanese before Old Stone Age (Before 200 B.C.) might know the invisible energy from ground, its influence and how to use it. A scientist called Mr. Satsuki Narasaki, accidentally obtained a document which showed evidence in 1949. After several years of his research, it was deciphered.

According to the document called "Katakamuna Document," the land is categorized to gIyashirochi (Land that cures)h and "Kegarechi (Land that is contaminated)." At Iyashirochi, plants grow, human is healthy and crops will last. Electronically, it emits minus ion. At Kegarechi, plants do not grow, human is unhealthy and crops will rot soon.

"Three laws of static electricity"(Japanese) written by Mr. Satsuki Narasaki by deciphering Katakamuna document

Re-balancing Energy
Institute of Cosmic Energy re-balances energy by correcting Ley Line (Geo Field) Energy and creates Iyashirochi.
Kegarechi  Iyashirochi
  • Weeds and trees die
  • Fights in the family, domestic violence
  • Short tempered, sick
  • Depressed, anxious, insomnia
  • Business is slack, employees quit soon
  • Few customers
  • Weeds, trees and crops grow
  • Harmony in the family, healthy
  • Relieved, refreshing
  • Calm, fortunate
  • Business is good, lots of smiles
  • Many customers


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