Ley Line (Geo Field) Correction


Have you ever been told

"It would be better to move out from your home?"

  • After remodeling, I cannot sleep well. I easily catch a cold
  • Finally, I could build my home. However, family conversation diminished. Eldest son refuses to home. A fortune-teller told me "It would be better to move out from your home because your house faces an unlucky direction."
  • After moving, our daughter became anorexia

Is your misfortune really because of your land or house? Do you need to move out?

Hearing that there is good and bad "Qigong" (Iyashirochi and Kegarechi) on the land may sound questionable.

However, we have been very seriously conducting the research of land energy. Land energy can be measured by electromagnetic wave and geomagnetism measuring instruments.

Our institute deals with the problems described above, probably happened after moving, building a new house or remodeling a house, by using Geo Field Correction technology.

Over 10 Years of History

The Experience of 500 Ley Line (Geo Field) Correction Cases!

Our Ley Line (Geo Field) correction technology was introduced into "Home of Qigong: Irinoya", South Alps Life Long Study Center, and supports the service to the customers who want to be healed.
(SeeCase at Home of Qigong for more details)

Overview of Geo Field Correction

It takes one day at one site.

After correction, we conduct tailored aftercare.

It takes about three months to stabilize the balance of energy.


Firstly, the geomagnetism at the site is measured.

Then, water veins and the deviation of geomagnetism from the original North Pole are checked.

Decide Tasks

Based on the data measured, tasks for correction are decided.

There are a several methods to correct Ley Line (Geo Field). We select a proper method based on the symptom of the land and requests from client.

Correction Works

Bury Earth Puncture

Some lands have distorted geomagnetism from South Pole to North Pole because of the water veins, high voltage line etc.

In this case, earth punctures are buried around the land with considering balance of positions and the number of them. (The rod held by left hand.)

Bury Energy Plate "Kizui," Bamboo Charcoal and Iouso

As a next step, energy plates made from ceramic called Kizui are buried in the hole with 30 cm in depth and 30 cm in diameter together with high energy bamboo charcoal and rock salt from Mongolia to circulate high energy all around the building and the land.
Kizui is also placed several places inside the building.

Under the floor, after cleaning, powerful bamboo charcoal is laid out. At the most important point, a Kizui (large) is placed.

At last,"Iouso"is sprinkled. The building and the land become powerful and refreshing.

Spray gKangenh Water

To activate the good energy from the land, and as an essential transmitter of land energy, water made from ceramic water activation module called gKangenh is sprayed.
(See Water Activation Module "Kangen" About Product for more details)


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