A Story How We Built Power Spot Facility

at "Home of Qigong: Irinoya"

Our Involvement with Irinoya

At the south of Hase village in Nagano prefecture, there is an area called Inose. And, at this place, there is "Home of Qigong: Irinoya", South Alps Life Long Study Center, which has pyramid roof.

This location is the upstream of Mine River and lying the heart of Japan South Alps. And the location is very close to Bungui Pass, Japanese strongest zero magnetic power spot.

This Bungui Pass is a mecca of Qigong. And the visitors are coming from all around Japan.

Our institute was engaged in the project to artificially build zero magnetic fields to generate Qigong in the facility and involved into the construction of this facility from the beginning.

Meditation Room

The pyramid on the roof is consisting from four solar panels.

This shape is aiming at an application of pyramid power. The structure eases the intake of solar energy and cosmic energy. At the top of pyramid, to induce the intake of Qigong, A large crystal surrounded by magnet is placed.

According to an advice from Dr. Sasaki, a former professor at the University of Electro-Communications in Japan, from the meditation room on the fourth floor, a metal pipe in 50 cm diameter was driven in 4 m underground.

Furthermore, charcoal was buried three underground spots. And using those spots as a base, copper mirrors, Taijiquan plate, crystal and Energy Plate Kizui were placed.

The structure was aiming at creating a magnetic field using solar power which was using pyramid power. By using a metal pipe, this energy was transmitted from pyramid to underground. At the same time, underground power was transmitted to pyramid and the geomagnetic filed was canceled out. With using this technology, zero magnetic field was artificially created.

By summarizing our efforts, this is an artificial power spot facility!

We buried charcoal. This is a basic technology to improve soil and Geo Field.

This facility cannot be found in any other places. Visitors enjoy staying in this facility.


Baths are separated to cold water bath, sauna, sulfur mineral spring, Myousui spring and a large bath.

Particularly, Myousui spring coming from Median Tectonic Line natural water is processed by ceramic water activation module "Kangen"and energy plate.


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