Energy "Grace (Onchou)" Water Works to Activate and Cleanse Cells !

Introduction of "Grace (Onchou)"

Filling Cosmic Energy and Create High Energy Water

(Feel the energy of Grace (Onchou) by clicking this picture!)

Price: 176,400 Yen (with tax)

Oversea Customers: Please inquire by e-mail or Fax regarding this product.

Material: Base is made of paulownia.

Size: Height 45cm×Width 34.5cm×Depth 18cm

Effective Range: 300m in radius

Little Cosmos with the Universe, the Sun, Moon and the Earth

  • The Universe: Three dimensional triangle
  • The Sun: Half sphere of base
  • Moon: Arch attached to the base
  • The Earth: Glass with water

Grace (Onchou) is a beautiful design object that evokes the universe, the sun, moon and the earth. You can enjoy watching as an interior. Grace (Onchou) means "gifts from God." It fills surrounding space with love and cosmic energies while cleansing the space, and creates fulfilling environment. To charge energy into the water in a glass, it takes only 30 seconds. You can rapidly create high energy water for a various purposes.

"Grace (Onchou)" is an Antenna to Receive Cosmic Energy into Water.

On the base where glass is place,Kizui (Middle), specially manufactured for Grace (Onchou), is attached. This Kizui is transcribed with Lemurian Seed Crystal energy, which records wisdom of ancient Lemurian and their message, by a unique system by which unique crystal functions and maximum frequency of crystal are extracted.

By having one Grace (Onchou) at home, all of family members can receive the gifts of cosmic energy. Even if you dilute Grace (Onchou) water with normal water, its energy level will not change. Not only for a drinking water, you can also put into a bath or use as a spray to cleanse a room.

New 369Sui (Miroku Water)

Stimulate the Power of Sleeping DNA and Awake to Light Body

Since this water is invented in 2009/9/9, by commemorating this three 9s, we named after 369Sui (Miroku Water).

Powerful light energy accelerates healing of mind, body and soul, and at the same time, enhances self healing ability. This is light water needed for this dramatically changing age.

This water supports to stimulate the power of sleeping DNA and to awake to Light Body.

This 369Sui kit (Kizui+ glass) is sold for the customers who have already purchased Grace (Onchou).

(Feel the energy of Grace (Onchou) by clicking this picture!)

369 Kizui

Light energy and pure energy of three ores, rose quartz in the level of national treasure, malachite and lapis lazuli are transcribed into Kizui ceramic.

Color Glass

Try to drink with three colors of glass by putting Kizui ceramic!

By mood or your intuition, please select from glasses of three primary colors of light, pink, blue and green. Color is light. By putting Kizui into the glass, the energy transcribed from Kizui will be enhance with the color of glass and activate your mind & body.

Price: (each color set with Kizui+glass) 16,800 Yen (with tax)
Please inquire by e-mail or Tel regarding this product.

How to Make 369Sui

Put one Kizui in a color glass and pour Grace (Onchou) water in the glass. Then, after leaving the glass next to Grace (Onchou) for a few minutes, 369Sui is created. If you want to enjoy taste and aroma, please leave it longer than 15 minutes.

How to Drink 369Sui

Before starting to drink 369Sui, we recommend drinking diluted Grace (Onchou) water for 10 days. This helps to gently cleanse your body. After completing this process, just drink from the glass you like.

For the customers who are already drinking Grace (Onchou) water, just drink 369Sui without taking the process above.

Depending on the color and your body condition, the amount we recommend to take will change. Please refer to the explanation of each color glass.

Pink (Happiness)

Supporting Following Person

· A person who wants to live much happier and with fun
· A person who wants to heal own mind
· A person who wants to be relieved from stress
· A person who are not fulfilled or dissatisfied
· A person who has a difficulty to achieve own dream
· A person who are caught by trauma
· A person who holds anger or is short tempered
· A person who is lonely
· A person who lost confidence
· A person who cannot believe others
· A person who wants to improve inspiration

Price: (each color set with Kizui+glass) 16,800 Yen (with tax)

Direction of Daily Intake

Volume of a small sake cup is sufficient.
If you have any problems described above, double the amount you drink. If you do not feel such a problem, half of the amount may be sufficient. You can also dilute before drinking.


If you are pregnant or have a serious illness in digestive system, please do not drink this water.

Customers' Comment

After drinking this water, my mind became happier and everyday filled with gratitude.

I heard before drinking that if I took light, the level of body, mind and soul would change. After drinking, my mind and body are eased up and my mind became like a Bodhisattva. When I met with a friend with whom I had not met for a while, she commented gYou are shiny and beautiful.h May be there was a little change to appearance as well.

With smiling, I came to talk with a person whom I do not like. Persistence disappeared.

I was always irritated and lacked emotional capacity. After starting to drink, I could relax and slow down.

Blue (Rejuvenation, High-dimensional Conscious)

Supporting Following Person

· Enhancing metabolism
· Increasing body temperature
· Clearing mind, body and revitalizing clear skin
· Rejuvenating and reducing mottles and wrinkles
· Cleansing throat
· Improving self-expression
· Widening imagination

Price: (each color set with Kizui+glass) 16,800 Yen (with tax)

Blue represents the universe with infinite potential and color of the sea which cultivates life. It stimulates creativity and reminds that we are originally connected with universe.

Direction of Daily Intake

Since there is individual difference, please start to drink from a half glass of water.

If you are sensitive, you may become sweat, or back / shoulder blade become hot. Starting from a half glass, then increase the amount gradually in your pace.

If there is no negative reaction of body, please drink the amount you like. You can also dilute.

Since this water makes not only human healthier but also animal, plants and fishes healthier, you can use for health maintenance of pets and plants, and for cooking.



Customers' Comment

After a few seconds drinking water, shoulder blades were tickling as if wings were growing, And I felt very warm. It was a mysterious experience.

By spraying the water on the head, I could immediately make my brain sharp.

I had low body temperature. After starting to drink this water, my body temperature went up and blood circulation became good.

After drinking, I kept coughing for a while. After that, my throat felt better and my voice became clearer.

Green (Harmony, Rebirth)

Supporting Following Person

· Healing heart, stabilizing mind
· Alleviating emotional problems
· Adjusting mind and the balance of chakra
· When thoughts and feeling are imbalance
· Harmony in human relationships
· Mind of forgiveness
· Supporting to realize objective
· Releasing from jealousy
· Grounding, developing holistic view
· Realization with love
· Adjustment and cleaning of blood related problems

Price: (each color set with Kizui+glass) 16,800 Yen (with tax)

Direction of Daily Intake

A glass of water will be sufficient. But, you can drink the amount you like.
Cleansing effect is gentle. You can take without considering intake amount. This is a base water for a family. You can also dilute.



Customers' Comment

After drinking water, I smelled soil and trees and felt grounded. Whole of my body felt adjusted and light.

When I was in panic and lost myself, I drank water. The water brought me back in the center and my mind became calm.

Although I have big ideas, I do not know how to realize them. After drinking this water, my brain suddenly became sharp. In details, I got ideas what to do and what required for execution. It was surprising.

Although I had strong jealousy and was short tempered, after drinking with this water, I became calm and came not to be obsessed too much.


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