How was Institute of Cosmic Energy Established?

History of Institute

From Printing Business to the Research of Stone

Then, from Farming to Human!

The head of Institute: Mizushima was operating printing business in his 30s. A check from a customer became dishonored, then, he received an ore called Iousoseki instead. While he was wondering what to do with this ore, a friend introduced him to Mr. Kazunosuke Matsutomi, medical stone researcher at Shosoin (The treasure house that belongs to Todaiji).

He asked Mizushima "Stones are treasure of earth. You need to use them for society and human being. If you are committed, I will teach you how to use them." By receiving his words, Mizushima devoted himself to the research.

As the result of research, he found that Iouseki contains rich and balanced minerals and possesses ideal characteristic for soil improvement. Based on the finding, he started consulting of soil improvement, using Iouseki, and organic agriculture. Then, he extended his research to water to deal with acid rain problem in agriculture.

In 1990, he noticed that quality and yield of crops are depended on the energy of soil, and found Geo Field energy. He researched on how to revitalize soil power by correcting Geo Field energy, established the process and applied to farming.

On one occasion, Mizushima thought "If the Geo Filed energy is useful for crops, it may be also useful for human." Then he developed several heath goods such as Zero Magnetic Bed and Grace (Onchou) water to improve immunity and to activate human cells.

In June 2009, corporate name was changed from "Institute of Geo Field Energy" to "Institute of Cosmic Energy" to appeal the commitment of unifying Geo Field Energy and Cosmic Energy and to establish a new soil improvement method for agriculture which is our starting point.


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