Dr. Kimiko Kawano, Researcher at Center for Information and Sciences in Nippon Medical School, Tested the Effect of Zero Magnetic Bed by Measuring Brain Wave.

Reference Value of Brain Wave

Brain wave is electronically monitoring activity of brain neuron cell. Wave profile is categorized by frequency and named by its character. It is categorized as follows:

Wave Profile Frequency Condition
Delta wave 2 to 4 Hz Deep sleep
Theta wave 4 to 8 Hz Shallow sleep
Alpha wave 8 to 13 Hz Awake with eyes closing (Mainly on the back of head)
Beta wave 13 to 30 Hz Thinking (Each activated part)

Alpha wave is about 10Hz measured on the back of head and in the condition when you close your eyes. If you are stressed or think too much, beta wave is more observed and alpha wave becomes relatively weak. If you relax again, it becomes strong again.

However, if you relax too much, you may become sleepy. Then, alpha wave is getting weak and theta wave, which has lower frequency, becomes strong. If you get into deep sleep, brain wave becomes much lower delta wave.


Two Subjects were Measured

Woman: A-san

Man: B-san


Comment by Dr. Kawano

In this test, theta wave and alpha wave are mapped and measured to analyze the process from a relaxed condition to a sleep condition. Two subjects relaxed after lying on the bed. And alpha wave of A-san on the forehead became strong.

A-san gradually became sleepy. Alpha wave of her, once it had been weak, oscillated as it became strong on forehead than back of head, then on back of head than forehead.

Alpha wave of B-san almost disappeared after sleeping on the bed for a while. Then he was in theta wave condition. Occasionally, alpha wave was observed: however, there was no shift to deep sleep. Probably, he could perceive surrounding environment.

Profile of Dr. Kawano

Kimiko Kawano (Ph.D in Engineering)

Graduated from Rikkyo University, Department of Science, Faculty of Physics.
Joined physiology research group in Nippon Medical School and currently belong the the Center for Information and Sciences in the university.

From the view of brain physiology, she is researching on the brain functions of professional shogi player, professional athletes, as well as people in aroma therapy, in meditation or treated by Qigong, by measuring brain wave.


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