A Real Case of Ley Line (Geo Field) Correction at a Kindergarten


Make Kindergarten Where Kids can Maximize Their Ability and are Cured. And There is No Short Tempered Kids and No Bullying

Maintenance of Kangen

Clean and change ceramic parts of ceramic water activation module "Kangen"

(SW-590 Type) which was already installed

Hold a Land Festival

Before the work, we hold a land festival.

Place Every Plate

High undulation Energy Plate Kizui (Large)is placed.

Around the land: 26 spots
Charcoal cylinder section: 3 spots

In total, 29 of Kizuis are placed.


Bury Earth Puncture

Surrounding the land by burring earth punctures, and underground barrier is created.

1.16m earth puncture × 17 rods
2.89m earth puncture × 3 rods

Build Charcoal Cylinder

Dig 100cm in diameter, 110 in depth.

Complete digging.

Cleanse by Sake.

Sprinkle Miroku Iouso for soil improvement.

At the center, bury earth puncture (copper), 2.89 m in length.

Place Energy Plate Kizui (Large).

By adding salt, charcoal and water, create "natural battery."

1: Add salt
2: Spray water
3: Mix and press
4: Sprinkle charcoal
5: Go back to step 1

After repeating the steps above, sprinkle 900 litter of charcoal.

Lastly, sprinkle Miroku Iouso again.


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