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Published Book (Japanese)

"Power of Field: Influence to Your Fate" written by Mikio Mizushima, Pioneer of Geo Field Correction

Human, plants and animals are all influenced by Geo Field! Life will change by correcting Geo Field Energy. Awaited book based on 30 years of research and real cases!!

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Appears on TV

The Head of Institute: Mikio Mizushima Appeared on a TV Show as a Recognized Authority on the Research of Zero Magnetic Field

TV Tokyo (Yarisugi Koji) broadcasted on October 16, 2009
"Yarisugi City Myth: Prohibited! Japanese strongest power spot special"
Commented on the structure of Bungui Pass as a as a recognized authority on the research of zero magnetic field.

Ley Line (Geo Field) Correction

The Process of Ley Line (Geo Field) Correction is Explained in Detail by Movie

The experience of 500 Ley Line (Geo Field) correction cases over 10 years
(See About Correction Steps for more details)

Our Ley Line (Geo Field) correction technology was introduced into "Home of Qigong: Irinoya", South Alps Life Long Study Center, which is located at the foot of zero magnetic field: Bungui Pass, and supports the service to the customers who want to be healed . (See Case at Home of Qigong for more details.)

The process is explained clearly by Youtube movie (Japanese)!

Healing Animation Quantum Photo

Sample Animation of Quantum Photo
It is healed only by looking at.

The process is explained clearly by Youtube movie (Japanese)!

Farming by The Institute

Pilot Farm Named "Ai Eco Farm" is Operated in Tochigi

Our institute has been consulting farming over 30 years. From this experience, we found the quality of crops is depended on soil energy and difference in water. We researched how to improve soil and water. And later, we applied this results to the development of Ley Line (Geo Field) correction, Energy water Kangen and field cleansing goods
(See History of Institute for more details.)

To explain our original soil improvement and agricultural method, which enables to grow miracle nutritious vegetables by receiving gifts from earth and sky, we operate Ai Eco Farm, a pilot farm in Tochigi Prefecture. Our method can be used with organic farming, biodynamics farming or hydroponics farming. iSee Ai Eco Farm for more details.)

Field Cleansing Goods

New & Hit Products are Available!

Angel Peach Hit Product!!
Powerful field cleansing ability to improve your fortune and to cleanse your room and power stones!
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 369 Trinity Bracelet New!
Power stone bracelet which will fill you with secret powers of cosmic energy and zero magnetic!
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 Grace (Onchou) Hit Product!!
A cosmic antenna which rapidly gathers cosmic energy, fills water with the energy and crates high energy water. We start to sell 369 Sui (Miroku water) kits for the customers who have already purchased Onchou!
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