Cleansing Field by Angel Peach, and Make Mind and Future Happy!

About Angel Peach

Field Cleansing Goods Used by Everyone

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Price: 26,250 Yen (with tax)

Oversea Customers: Please inquire by e-mail or Fax regarding this product.

By housing professional energy plate "Kizui", which is used for Ley Line (Geo Field) Correction, into sacred gem, Energy Plate Kizui further enhances Zero Magnetic Energy and fills a room with energy like a power spot.

It has innovative combination of powerful cleansing ability and field energy enhancing ability.

Brochure explaining practical use of Angel Peach: Part1 (Japanese)
Brochure explaining practical use of Angel Peach: Part2 (Japanese)

By Putting the Angel Peach, You can Use in Various Locations

  • As good-luck interior at entrance, living room, bed room, bath and toilet
  • Hotel room cleansing while in business trip
  • Cleansing power stone bracelet

By putting bracelet on Angel Peach, you do not need any other cleansing method.

Since Angel Peach maintains very high dimensional energy, you do not need further cleansing. In addition, if you dip into Miroku Salt once a month, you can further improve cleansing power.

Importance of Field

We are Influenced by Field More or Less

Have you ever experienced that you visited a restaurant you liked very much after a while, then felt out of place?

Atmosphere of field is invisible. However, we sense it. If you send time at a refreshing place, mind becomes relaxing and obtains positive energy.

By changing a field to a positive place for us, events happening around us will change.

As you heard as an old saying, three elements, food, clothing and housing, are most important element for us. As you disassemble housing in Chinese character, it consists of human and predominant.

Housing influences predominantly to human.

Do you want to easily improve field energy by Angel Peach?

Two Source of Power

Angel Peach is Based on Multiplier Effect of Two Types of Powers

Power from Energy Plate "Kizui"

Kizui is an energy plate used for a full scale Ley Line Correction. It converts negative energy of land into positive energy and makes that place power spot. It has been used over 10,000 for Ley Line Correction.

Power from the Shape of "Sacred Gem"

Sacred Gem has been esteemed as deity or the most arcane shape from ancient time in Eastern culture. It also has a power to support wish fulfillment and to remove evils by creating barrier. By inserting Kizui into this shape, power from Kizui is amplified, and gently projects surrounding space.

What is the Shape of "Sacred Gem"?

Have you ever seen a bulb like object on the top of bridge pillar in Shinto shrine or Buddhist temple?

This is sacred gem.

Since this shape has power of removing evils, by putting it on the bridge railing, it prevents evils crossing the bridge.

This shape is also an archetype of all creation such as flame (Fire), a water drop (Water), bulb and shape of plants.

With Fire and Water, it sounds God in Japanese. This is a power of God.

Also by unifying opposing energies of fire and water, it is said that the shape of sacred gem supports to create energy of zero magnetic field.

Shape to Support Wish Fulfillment

Sacred gem is said to support wish fulfillment and bring happiness to the people. It will realize success of examination, finding employment and marriage.

Why is it said that this shape has a secret of wish fulfillment?

As it is often said "In the beginning the Word existed," all creation we see may have "Archetype in the beginning."

If archetype is the source of all creation, by expressing own wish to sacred gem, it may support to realize as seed begins to sprout, grows leaves and flowers and bears fruits.

There may be a certain meaning that archetype of all creation has common shape.

Golden Proportion is Materialized

Since the shape is power source of sacred gem, with Angel Peach, we materialized golden proportion of sacred gem !

It may be a first time to achieve three dimensional golden proportions with sacred gem.

Angel Peach has beautiful shape if you look from different angles. You will enjoy looking it as an interior as well as a charm.


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